Friday, November 19, 2004

The Sound of Cyber-Breathing

Well, second day on the blog, and I'm still finding my feet. I have to wonder, since nobody really know about this yet, if this is the sound of one hand clapping, except....the Blogger software links to other blogs out there of similar interests...

So for the few who may have stumbled on this corner of cyber space, here's a quick skinny: I'm a librarian in the Monroe County Library System for almost a quarter of a century, full time at the Central Library and here and there at the Pittsford Library. Currently in Literature/Media, I'll be heading to the Local History Division in a couple weeks.

I'm also the host of the Spotlight Review (hence the name) on WBER 90.5, Monday nights at 9, and in March will have been at it for, wait for it, 17 years. You can catch us on the web at the link below, though once I've gotten going you can find the links on the side as well.

For fun, here's the schedule for the SR for the next few:
11/22: REM, Chris Stamey & Yo La Tengo
11/29: Mark Lanegan, Rachel Goswell, Allen Ginsberg
12/6: Tom Waits, Bjork, Interpol
12/13: Drive-By Truckers, ?, ?
12/20: Neko Case, Xmas
12/27, 1/3, 1/10: off
1/5: Indie Show, Spotlight Review Best of 2004

More to come....


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