Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Let the year-ends commence

Some of the first year-end bests are out in the new issue of Exclaim, the fine monthly music freebie out of Canada. Click below to go directly to 'em:

I'm noticing quite a number of my year-bests showing up here, which is kind of nice and comforting. What a great year for Canadian music (and music overall)! You can hear my selection on the special edition of the Indie Show, January 5.

Since this is also going to be a book blog, I'm going to list the books I've read in 2004 soon, which turned out to be quite a list, short stories and others notwithstanding. I guess when I'm happiest, which is now, I tend to embrace the arts even larger.

More later...


Blogger Kate said...

See Bob, just goes to show how in touch with PopCulture you are!

I had to set up a Blogger account just so I could comment on here. Just what I need.... another blog. I can hardly keep up with the first one!


8:30 AM  

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