Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Not on the Spotlight Review, take 4

NP: American Music Club--"Love Songs for Patriots"
Didn't understand the initial fuss despite being a long-time AMC fan, but, yeah, now I get it.

M.I.A./Diplo--"Piracy Funds Terrorism, vol. 1"
Didn't understand the initial fuss until the Bangles track comes in and then M.I.A. starts yelling over her cell phone to PLEEAASE help. The Sanford and Son samples are the shit too. Since I have an old CD player in the car it doesn't handle CD-Rs very well, so I have to listen to this at home with the headphones on or else my wife will think I'm a head-case. Particularly during the CDs last half where I start looking like a bobblehead.


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