Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's Sleater-Kinney week!

The new playlist is now up over at the WBER website. Playlists below should stay on track for the time being. The magazines and singles week includes looks at new issues of The Believer and Comes With a Smile, both with extra-special CDs; guaranteed fun.

On the reading front, the announcement for the Sunburst Award for Canadian fantastic fiction is out, and has been consistently one of my favorites to follow. I think I read most if not all of the nominees in previous years and have never been disappointed. This is a bit different from the Aurora Award mentioned in a previous post, which is voted on by fans, and suffers like most of the recent speculative awards in that they seem to be more of a popularity contest. I am thisclose to diving in to these and having a ball. Right now I'm finishing up the 2005 Rhysling Anthology, which is the award given by the SF Poetry Association, and is equally satisfying.

And yes, as the post title states...should be one fine day and night in Toronto this coming. I will do my absolute damnedest to post a review pronto. But truer words and all...

As for M.I.A, who I sadly missed in Toronto last month: just got my hands on the import version of Arular, which is somewhat different from it's US counterpart, though I haven't listened yet to see what the new context is like. That means I now have 4 versions of this album: Piracy, the original, the "clean" version (for radio), and this. Still one of the year's best so far.


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