Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Been a while

A bit of an update...

NR: Seagle/Kristansen--"It's a Bird..."
Joyce Carol Oates--"The Corn Maiden: A Love Story" (from Transgressions)
Oates does rock, doesn't she?

Next week on the ol' review, we actually stay the same as we had planned: Bloc Party, House of Love (advance tip, surprisingly good), and Trevor Horn.
For Memorial Day, how's this?: Verve Remixed, Bread tribute, Maria McKee (a definite return to form).
Update, 5/19: 6/6: Dead Meadow, The National, Dirty on Purpose
6/13: The Wedding Present, Joanna Newsom

For all my buddies out there who check my online "diary" out, sorry for the lack of updates. As I'm driving along in the AM, I think of all the things I want to spew about in the blog, but by the time I get to work, reality rears its head and the blog goes by the wayside. I hope to beef this up in the near future. For now, keep an eye on next week's releases: the Woods makes its official appearance (I'm gonna pick up an extra copy just for the DVD), the new Gorillaz looks very promising (my wife loves the iPod commercial), and there's even a Smile DVD coming out. Summer music looks very good. I'm very curious about the new Coldplay album (have to check them out on SNL this week).

BTW, head over to Matador and check out the new New Pornographers track. It seems like 2005 is the year for music from all my favorite bands.

And next week my wife and I head to Stratford for plays and fun. Cool!


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