Saturday, April 16, 2005


Now I know why people get frustrated with Blogger. Actually went to write a post in some rare motivation and it wouldn't let me in for a spell. Grrrr...really not much to report, though I hope my friends Kate & Jessica are tearing up NYC (mentioned here for their benefit in case they land near a stray terminal). My wife and I went to see the selection of "Blue Shorts" at the Dryden Theatre last night, rare and archival pornography that amused more than titillated, but really, where else can you get such stuff? The Eastman House here in Rochester is one of the several reasons that make me glad to be living in our fair city (the garbage plate at Nick's that I had yesterday for the first time in a few months is another). And the salt & pepper squid at Esan's on Park Ave last night was another. For once, I asked a Thai restaurant to make it nuclear and they actually complied without telling me I couldn't handle it. I wept tears of joy.

There will be a Review Monday, but I might take the following week off so I can get ready for (get ready for it..) my interview with the Trash Can Sinatras on the station, Tuesday 4/26 at 9 PM. Little nervous, but I seem to have been handling myself well in recent interview situations of late, so this should be fun. And since I can't say it on the air, they will be doing an in-show at Lakeshore Record Exchange at 6 PM the next day (and of course the Milestones show that night). Should be good stuff from a band that has deserved more attention.

Right now in the middle of reading this. And why have I run out of room?


Blogger nandiel said...

Yeah! Esan rules for hottt stuff. Their "nuclear" is almost hot enough for me.

7:21 AM  

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