Monday, March 07, 2005

16 big ones

Tonight is the Spotlight Review's 16th Anniversary. That's right, 16 years, starting as a 20 min segment of First Impressions way back in March 1989, give or take a day or two. Just gonna kick back and play guilty pop music with a very slight alterna-bent, if nobody minds (and what if they do?)

Tentative stuff coming up, way subject to change:
3/14: John Doe, Andrew Bird, 50 Ft. Wave
3/21: M.Ward, Asthmatic Kitty (label)
3/28: Best of Part 1: Pearl Jam, Verve, Placebo
4/4: Best of Part 2: Trevor Horn, Fuzzbox
4/11: Sugar Hill (label)

and there's stuff coming out in a couple of weeks that may push stuff all around, like that triple Yo La Tengo comp, and a new Daft Punk CD, 1st in four years. I remember playing my future bride the last one while driving along the Niagara Parkway on one of our early dates...sigh.

The Shonen Knife show was an absolute blast, Visqueen being the real show stealers and a gas to talk to as well. Saw lots of old friends, a few new ones, and just had a great time, first time out to a band in about 5 months. Will definitely avoid the BugJar beer next time around though. If I had my druthers, I'd check out Low in Toronto June 4, but I should save myself for some real big stuff I'm waiting on: Sleater-Kinney, the Posies (who say they are gonna tour everywhere this time), the New Pornographers. I don't have any dates, but stay tuned. Oh, here's one I do have: the Trashcan Sinatras are coming to Milestones April 27. That should be a real treat indeed.

More to come, tune in tonight and have fun.


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