Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The week in stereo

OK, new playlist at the ready, right this way here. If you were listening last night, I mentioned that I couldn't say the name of the Thieves record company over the air, so there you go. (And if Joey takes it down, the name is Liquor & Poker Records, ghod bless them). 'Course seeeing the name of Wreckless Eric's company reminds me of my old Stiff Records t-shirt...

And there you have a rundown of the show I'm definitely going to see this Thursday at the Bug Jar: Shonen Knife, Visqueen, and the Scarlets. More info at the BJ link. We really don't get many intriguing combos in every sense of the word here in Rochester, so I'm particularly going out of my way to hit this one. Maybe I can get some ideograms on my Shonen Knife tribute LP.

I meant to give a shout to my friends up in Ontario, Michelle and Cam, but got caught up in the moments, so hi guys! I cannot wait to see you in another month.

I am having some senior typing moments so I better quit while I'm ahead. More hopefully this week, I'll even try and review the show if I'm not too burnt. And we may still be interviewing Chris Stamey this week so stay tuned.

BTW, Sleater-Kinney is supposed to be on this show Friday. The wait for their new album is almost painful.

NR: Vonda McIntyre--"Little Faces"


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