Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A smattering of updates

Last night we played Ted Leo, Marianne Faithfull and the wonderful, awesome M.I.A. Hop on over to the WBER site for the playlist.

I was mentioning on the show about all the controversy that M.I.A. is generating and a fine article from last Saturday's Globe and Mail by Carl Wilson. You can get a fine jumping point right here (scroll down just a tiny bit).

It's been kind of slow in this corner of the blogosphere. Next week is Valentine's Day on show night, so I'm taking it off to be with my wife, which is no hardship at all. In the weeks to come, the Review will be spotlighting a couple of labels (Asthmatic Kitty, Sugar Hill) that have graciously bombarded me with some good music. We'll also be doing a look at some recent greatest hits offerings from the likes of Pearl Jam, Verve, Placebo, Trevor Horn, and Fuzzbox (!)

While I'm off, I hope to be here a bit more, reviewing a couple of things that I wouldn't normally play on the show. While you're at it, go support your local library why doncha? In a couple of months time, they're gonna be doing a redesign which'll feature a few side columns on good new books and music, and yes, your alternative librarian/DJ will be there as well.

Life is OK right now. Good music abounds, of the three-letter variety: Low, LCD, M.I.A.
Oh and I should mention: the beginning of March we'll be celebrating the Spotlight Review's 16th anniversary. The grand old fart of 90.5 sails on.


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