Thursday, January 13, 2005

Big update

Thanks to Shana and Katrina for filling in, the boss is back though this Monday.
Here's some upcoming shows, tentatively:

1/17: Junior Kimbrough, Magnapop, Low
1/24: Wolf Eyes, Comet Gain, Joy Zipper?
1/31: Bambix, Asthmatic Kitty (label)
2/7: Pearl Jam, Verve, ??

Went to Toronto yesterday to see the Picasso exhibit of ceramics at the Gardiner Museum. It's over on the beautiful U of T campus, and is a real treat. Natch, there was a soundtrack along the way, so here's a listing of car music, a neat encapsulation of the last few weeks of listening:
Ani DiFranco--"Knuckle Down"
Kylie--"Ultimate Kylie" (disc 1)
Armand Van Helden--"NY Party"
Low--"The Great Destroyer"
Skye Sweetnam--"Noise From the Basement"
Gwen Stefani--"LAMB"
Junior Boys--"Last Exit"
Wilco--"A Ghost Is Born"

NR: "Sergeant Chip"--Bradley Denton


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