Friday, January 07, 2005


NP: Wilco--"A Ghost is Born"
Holy crap, where've I been? Even though I loved "Being There" and the Guthrie albums, I resisted listening to this one because the previous two Wilco albums, particularly YHF, seemed overhyped and just didn't do it for me. But after showing up on so many year-end lists, I figured what the hey and popped it in. And by golly, what we have here is an intricate thing of beauty, slow-building guitar epics, and none of the look-how-cleverisms of the predecessors. I wasn't even sure I was listening to the same band for a few songs. It still wouldn't knock any out of my top 5 for 2004 below, but right now, it's ruling the car CD player.
And they're on Letterman tonight too!

UPDATE, 1/8: I neglected to mention that the second-to-last song is truly next-to-unlistenable, so another point or two for a return to self-indulgence for at least one track. But that's why they make cd players with skip buttons.
Also, Wilco on Austin City Limits on Saturday too.


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