Thursday, January 06, 2005

Best of 2004

The Indie Show was a wonderful one last night, you can catch the playlist here.
I saved the list as a word doc, so if you come along to it later and it's gone, e-mail me and I'll send a copy. Don't all rush at once.

For the quick skinny, here's my top 5 bands for 2004:
1.) Junior Boys
2.) The New Pornographers
3.) Broken Social Scene
4.) Low
5.) The Arcade Fire

1 & 5 speak for themselves with their own releases, but 2 didn't have a proper one, though Neko, Carl, Todd, and Dan all released above-average work. 3 had a compilation, but Leslie Feist really led the charge, with Apostle of Hustle, Stars, Jason Collett, and Valley of the Giants all spinning along in orbit. 4 had the most beautiful box set, a tribute CD of varying quality, an import DVD worth tracking down, and the first great album of 2005.

NP: Magnapop--"Mouthfeel"


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