Tuesday, March 15, 2005


A week later and we have a new playlist, it's over at the station website, you know the drill.
Just for a more permanent record, we played Andrew Bird (good), John Doe (really good), 50 Ft. Wave (Kristin Hersh, awesome as always).

Tentative playlists below remain unchanged for now. I'm getting kind of nervous about the new Daft Punk CD, so far the reviews have been middling at best (those lovable snots over at Pitchfork gave it their usual scouring, but I've been upset since they didn't like the new Low that much anyway).

Another good show coming to Rochester, Glenn Tilbrook at Milestones on 4/16. I've never seen Squeeze or any of its components so that should be an interesting one.

It seems like I'm really doing a ton of things at once but haven't been writing about it here. What's a blogger to do? For one thing, quit apologizing that I don't update this often enough, it will flow when it flows.

As for reading these days, I must say, I finally started Ian Macdonald's "River of Gods" and am loving it very much indeed. Would be nice to see it win a whole bunch of SF awards. Speaking of which, I thought this year's Tiptree winners were rather surprising, so two more things I wouldn't normally have read go into the to-be-read basket (if you're not familiar with the Tiptree Awards, I strongly urge you to click on the link and scope them out. New winners aren't up there yet, find them over at Locus.)

So many cool books and CDs, so little time. And as long as I'm in a loquacious mood, May 24 is starting to look like a d-day for some very fun music releases I'm waiting impatiently for. The new Gorillaz Cd shows promise, the Smile DVD looks very amazing indeed (I'm curious what it will sound like in 5.1), and of course, the new Sleater-Kinney, which, in keeping with the bands wishes, I will dutifully purchase on the exact day of release.

And finally, there's some stuff on this page that freaking rules. Go down to ABC+OPP and watch your smile grow.


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