Tuesday, April 05, 2005


The new playlist is up at the usual spot, pretty much what you see in the last post. Middling week, I'm afraid. Here's some stuff coming up, and anybody who's paying attention can see how I revise the stuff I'm going to be playing all the time:

4/11: Out Hud, Republic of Safety, the Verve
(Quick note: Out Hud will be playing the Horseshoe in Toronto on 4/10. Little off in the timing on my part. Heads up, though: they're excellent)
4/18: The Kills, Daft Punk(?), Pearl Jam
4/25: Go-Betweens(?), Fuzzbox, ?
5/2: Trevor Horn, New Order, ?

Made it to Toronto this weekend, saw some long lost good friends, and had a great and always-too-short time. Got to re-meet one of my favorite authors, who has a rudimentary homepage right here. His new book, Spin, now out in stores (and hopefully libraries) is typically superb.

Speaking of books, I notice how other blogs are always reporting on their reading, and I had promised to keep tabs on mine, so here's some books I've read so far this year:
Bob Dylan--Chronicles
Eileen Gunn--Stable Strategies and Others
Carol Emshwiller--Mister Boots
Robert Charles Wilson--Spin
I really should be reading much more, but this doesn't take into account the comics and short stories that are slipped in between. Definitely going to get on the stick, though.

BTW, mentioned a link for a very cool Jon Spencer remix on the show last night. Check this out, courtesy of Fluxblog, who doesn't know me from Adam, but has one of the most consistently entertaining of the MP3 blogs out there.

Have fun, enjoy Spring, talk soon.


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