Tuesday, March 22, 2005

new stuff

The new playlist will be up any second over at the WBER site, so check it out. Next week, we tackle Chatham County Line (produced by Chris Stamey) and the wonderful new Yo La Tengo compilation.

Awesome, vindicating Kylie review over at Popmatters. Yay!

And next week's big surprise, alluded to last night on the show: if all works out we will be talking to the legendary John Doe on the phone at 8:30 PM before the Review, so stop on by. His new album, Forever Hasn't Happened Yet, is very good (if too short) listening indeed, and comes out today, so treat yourself. With Case and Hirsh on it, you cannot go wrong.

Also out today, at long last---M.I.A. Drop what you're doing and go, now.


Blogger nandiel said...

Hi Bob! I keep missing you @ the store! Thanks for mentioning the Trashcan Sinatras show earlier in your blog, or I probably wouldn't even know about it. Already got my tix and can't wait!

7:15 AM  

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