Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Feeling decidedly lazy when it comes to blogging lately, but we'll give it the college try. Last night we played the great Republic of Safety, which one listener called up to say sounded like 45 Grave; the Verve and the wonderful Out Hud, whose song "It's For You" would make a great summer single.

Here's a revised list of playlists:
4/18: Mylo, Fuzzbox, Daft Punk
4/25: The Kills, Pearl Jam, ?
5/2: New Order, Trevor Horn, ?

Found a whole bunch of odd new stuff in the station's freebie box like Balenescu Quartet and Deadman and Ariel Pink and Half-Handed Cloud from the great Asthmatic Kitty label, and I'm expecting the new British Sea Power and a bunch of stuff from Badman any second, so all of the above may change. Hope to get to Hamlet, vintage porn, and Glenn Tilbrook this coming week too, in that order. That should keep everybody guessing.

Books, I need to read more books! Reading the rest of the Hugo nominees that I had missed right now and just about finished with John Crowley's great "Lord Byron's Novel" out in July. Hopefully things will pick up once this season's appointment TV comes to a halt (24, Lost, Veronica Mars, Deadwood, .....)

Gotta run, work calls. I'll be back.


Blogger sbar1 said...

what are your thoughts on the crowley novel?

he is one of my favorite writers. i was going to buy an ARC, but don't know if it's worth the money.

12:15 PM  

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