Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Head

Kinda quiet here at the library, so I'll steal a second or two to try and update what's coming on the Review:
2/20: Sarah Harmer, Delays, Neko Case
2/27: Diableros, Femme Generation, Hem, Dirty Three
3/6: 17th Anniversary Show!
3/13: Okkervil River, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Islands (ex-Unicorns)
That last week there is a little iffy because stuff comes into the station and my hands quite a bit and I feel m oved to try and make each week just a little bit more relevant. In the last several I've come into all sorts of advances for things like Calexico, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Liars, the Dresden Dolls, and Grandaddy (the swan song). I mentioned in a previous post I was going to take a look at the new Placebo too, which has Michael Stipe and VV (the Kills) on it, but outside of the first few songs, it just isn't moving me enough to say anything pertinent at this point. Stuff I'm really waiting on include the new Elvis Costello with big band arrangements of his classics and Paper Bag's See You On the Moon children's compilation. It'll all gel, I'm sure.

In the meantime...17 years! I didn't think the show would go this long, but right now I'm in an enjoyable place with it, and I like to think the last few shows have had some pretty striking music that you wouldn't normally hear on the station. So for now, it's a go.

Neko news: April 2 at the Danforth Music Hall. My wife (who is loving the new album as much as me) is joining me and it should be beyond sublime.

What else? Two movies I'm particularly looking forward to, besides Studio Ghibli's Earthsea, are this and this (Atanajurat was one of my favorite movies in several years). I'd make the trip to Toronto just to see the latter when it finally becomes real.

I haven't listed books I've finished in a long while so I'll take a shot here:
Geoff Ryman--"Air" (superb)
Leena Krohn--"Tainaron"
Lucius Shepard--"Viator"
Jeffrey Moore--"The Memory Artists"
The Alchemy of Stars: Rhysling Award Winners Showcase
Samuel R. Delany--"Phallos"
Seth--"Wimbledon Green"
Noisy Outlaws...
Project Superior
Margo Jefferson--"On Michael Jackson"
R. Kikuo Johnson--"Night Fisher"
and finally Kelly Link--"Magic For Beginners" (my current favorite author, and the reason it took me so long is that I went and sprang for the beautiful limited edition, which is not something you can just throw in the backpack and haul around.)
This doesn't take into account a slew of short stories, comics and sundry articles, but I do want to apply myself to getting through more full volumes. On tap is Julie Phillips' bio of the great James Tiptree (advance, out in August) and Vernor Vinge's new novel (out in May). I'm feeling rejuvenated enough to go full tilt for a while.

Surprised I got this far, as I'm feeling pretty drained and blue: my beloved cat Priss, who I had for over 17 years since she was six weeks old, went to the Rainbow Bridge this past weekend. She could be a pain, but I loved her whole bunches. I can still see the look on her face the first time I put the first My Bloody Valentine EP on the turntable (see how long I've had her?). I'm so glad to have my family around me at this time.

For now...


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