Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hi there

Well, it's been a while, haven't been updating, heck, haven't even been on the air that much, attending to various things, but that all should change over the next few. Among the great news: got tix which are rapidly-dwindling to the Broken Social Scene show in Toronto come Jan 21, 2006. Big love for that new CD, I understand that they are unparalleled as a live show, and when I saw how fast tickets were going, I jumped on them pronto. Here's hoping that a home town show for them will translate into an epic set. (Apparently, they had to add a second show, which should spread the love around). In fact, a band I really still want to see, the mighty Low, will be in Toronto (of course) for a make-up on Jan 31, and I'm afraid I can't go back and forth like I used to. BSS wins out easily.

Here's an updated schedule for the next few weeks:

Mon: Kate Bush, Controller Controller, tunes on TV
11/21: Immaculate Machine, Richard Hawley, Clientele
11/28: Tangiers, Deadly Snakes, Sons & Daughters
12/5: Akron/Family, Great Lake Swimmers, Blood On the Wall
12/12: Best of 2005 Part 1
12/19: Neko, Xmas
12/26, 1/2: off
1/9: Best of 2005 Part 2

If that lineup for 12/5 looks slightly familiar, there was supposed to be a similar version of it way back in August when the first two bands hit the Bug Jar, but they will be hitting Toronto for the Over the Top Fest launch on Jan. 11. The Akrons has been one of this year's most acclaimed new bands, while we reviewed the Swimmers debut very positively back then; we now have their follow-up in hand. Of course, depending on what finds its way into our hands between now and then, all this could very well change.

I really have more to come, in fact, I draft whole entries in my head and then when I get to the computer find myself doing a zillion other things and blogging goes by the wayside. For any buddies out there checking in to see how life is, rest asuured, everybody's doing fine. Music is at its best this year, too. Soon come, a look at some of the fringe stuff outside our top 5, with some not so stringent commentary. Tune in...


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