Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Alas, the Ear to the Ground fest that was to feature Sleater-Kinney this weekend was cancelled, so I didn't make it to Toronto after all. By hook or crook, though, I'll be there Oct 9 when the New Pornographers play the Phoenix. Should be superb, though I hope the mix is better then when they showed up on Conan O'Brien last Friday; Neko's voice was woefully buried even though she was front and center.

So no show last night still, so I got to watch Prison Break in real time last night. As absurd as this show is, it is also weirdly fascinating a la 24. The real Monday night treat though has been "Weeds" on Showtime, one of several good arguments for pay cable (and Showtime overall has been getting better; I need to catch up with my wife on episodes of Huff).

Here's a lineup of some upcoming Reviews:
9/26: Fembots, Freakwater, Kronos Quartet
10/3: Juliana Hatfield, GRLZ compilation, Richard Hawley
10/10: off
10/17: hopefully more Paper Bag stuff, along with new Broken Social Scene and Metric, which I will determinedly get when I get to Toronto the week before.
10/24: a whole bunch of stuff from Yep Roc Records

I don't want to act like a shill for the two aforementioned record labels, but not only are they faithful in sending stuff, they have a consistent quality of product to boot (so does Arts and Crafts Records, but they seem to keep things close to the vest, so to speak).

One more day to Lost!


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