Tuesday, July 19, 2005


last night: Sufjan Stevens, Bob Mould, Jason Collett
7/25: Magnolia Electric Co, Scout Niblett
8/1: The Click Five, Nine Black Alps, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
soon: Posies, St. Etienne

Still sifting thru some big piles of discs, some goodies coming up.
BTW, it's kind of pricey, but the new issue of Uncut is in 3 different editions with 3 different cover discs this time out, each one with hand-picked selections from a member of R.E.M. It's kind of annoying that the British like multiple formats to keep you buying, but in this case this really is a pretty cool thing, with some old favorites and exclusive cuts that make like a super-grand mix-tape or radio show. So far I'm in the middle of Mike Mills' picks and they are ace.
The total price is like getting a 3-disc comp for the price of a 1-disc import, so I can't quibble,
and Stipe's selection looks to have a whole lot of enjoyable exclusives to boot. Check it out.


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