Friday, July 08, 2005

Still here

Real quick: tune in Monday for the Spotlight's fave CDs of 2005 so far. We've been doing this for all these years and now I notice a bunch of bloggers are doing the same thing. I'll go into more detail after the fact, but my top 3 picks at least should be fairly obvious to anybody who's been paying attention. And my #5 pick is one I didn't even get around to reviewing on the show.

Real quick: here's what I've actually finished reading over the past few weeks:
John Crowley--"Lord Byron's Novel"
Greil Marcus--"Like a Rolling Stone"
The 2005 Rhysling Anthology
Harry Frankfurt--"On Bullshit"
Kramer's Ergot 5
The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft
Thomas Wharton--"The Logogryph"

NR: Geoff Ryman--"Air"
NP: Beach Boys--"Sunflower"

And here's some books I'm reeally looking forward to in the next several months, not out yet, but I'm hoping will be worth the wait:
Peter Ackroyd--"Shakespeare: the Biography"
Bob Spitz--"The Beatles: a Biography"
Peter Guralnick--"Dream Boogie"
Margaret Atwood--"The Penelopiad"
Anne Carson--"Decreation"
Polyphony 5
David Marusek--"Counting Heads"
Dark Delicacies

I know there's more, but that's what I found so far on the dozens of pieces of scrap paper I carry around in my front pocket. Don't even get me started on the CDs I'm waiting on (well, you can, I'm just saving it for the next post).

Oh, and the new Posies album, thank ghod it's great.


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