Friday, June 24, 2005

Bits and bobs

I was going to post a link to the new Goldfrapp song from their forthcoming album (out 9/20 US) but just as I was typing these very words the link has gone down. Well, take my word for it, it sounds like this band might finally deliver on the promise they've been building up to with their first two releases. Go snag it, I'm sure it's floating around out there somewhere.

Probably not on the Spotlight Review 1: The Lashes--"Get It"
An advance of this anticipated debut (out 7/31) shows yet another band stuck in the Strokes/Hot Hot Heat axis, which has now become a genre all its own. Not a bad one, but becoming a bit too familiar. Had some high hopes as they are produced by John Goodmanson, who's been responsible for some of my favorite artists' releases (S/K, YLT), but all he brings seems to be a sharp, clean sound. Probably give it another listen or three to see what's what.

This Monday on the show, a real grab bag, and a look at some recent magazines with their attendant CDs. For your homework, check out here and here. Some cool singles to fit in, too including some New Order and Arcade Fire.

Probably not on the SR 2: Coldplay--"X&Y"
Boy, am I wrestling with this one, which means I actually may review it in a few weeks to cause myself to wrestle some more. "Talk", which I raved about way down blog, is totally revised here, and like the majority of the album, seems to have been polished to an almost-too-much-gloss. The Doves album, which I had reservations about when it came out, is looking way much better.


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