Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Czars update

I stand slightly corrected on the Czars having split up; apparently the only one remaining is John Grant, he of the distinctive voice, and is still running under the Czars name, evidenced over here. Rumbles of acrimony abound, and it still remains a bit of a shame.

Not sure how I feel about this. Grant has a marvelous instrument, but I don't believe he was the band's whole picture, rarely the case. Almost sounds like a Beach Boys scenario, but in their case the focal point choose to remain simply as the almost-childlike Brian Wilson, while Mike Love runs what remains into a gargantuan joke (witness the footage of them playing someplace this 4th of July). I think I'd fell better if it was the John Grant Band or something like that, but this threatens to tarnish the legacy of what was a band that had stupendous potential and never received their due.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To be honest...I have heard some of the new John Grant songs ...such as "Queen Of Denmark" After you hear these new songs -YOU WILL KNOW-That JOHN GRANT WAS &IS The BRIAN WILSON of the CZARS ...These new songs are So Great!! I cannot wait for their release!!Why doesn't everyone just move on and do their own thing!!listen!!Music is a beautiful thing...!! lET'S ENJOY THE MUSIC!!STOP THE FIGHT!!

6:25 AM  
Blogger doug.abshire said...

John Grant was an amazing / talented voice but his egocentic view of the band and its music split the czars apart.
They (inc andy, roger, erin, pearson, etc) were an amazing band, had a great run w/ a local fanatic following in Denver + Europe, could have been, were (somewhat) on their way... recorded some great music.. were more than a band to fill out John's vocal range...

could have been...should have been... imploded sadly, but are still remembered fondly by those who were there.

RIP "the czars"

Doug and Cheryl

I saw them 6 times or more, talked w/ John on a few occasions, passed on their music to many friends, felt enlightened by the music but betrayed by the breakup.. their music marked a 5 year+ time in my life.

Good luck to the czars, individually and collectively.


11:21 PM  

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