Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Embarassment of riches

Between my own purchasing and a slew of stuff coming into the station, here's some of the stuff we'll be playing in the next few weeks (I'm not sure yet what will shake down into what):

Harvey Danger, Kronos Quartet w/ Asha, Fembots, Juliana Hatfield, Iron & Wine w/Calexico, Towa Tei, Princess Superstar, Fleshtones, Kingsbury Manx, Freakwater, maybe Goldfrapp...

Not gonna be on next week, due to being in Toronto for the Ear to the Ground fest, which seems to be having all sorts of troubles. It's now moved from the Ex to the Opera House, at least on the day that I'm going, and I never liked the Opera House all that much to begin with. At least Sleater-Kinney's still playing, but this is gonna be a trip and a half.

And now Rob Dickinson's coming to Rochester the same night I'm going to be in Toronto for the New Pornographers. As the title above says...

And of course, the usual apologia for not updating, but we'll get to it anon.


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