Monday, August 22, 2005


No show tonight, I may or may not be heading down to Water Street to see Pretty Girls Make Graves depending on things (is this one of the least promoted shows in the area or what? no wonder nobody comes to Rochester.) Next week, though, should be a new soundtrack by Bjork, the new New Pornographers (got my tix for 10/9 Toronto, yay!), and Great Lake Swimmers. After that it's anybody's guess. (Not that I don't have stuff ready, it's just what order I'll be doing them in).

Nothing bad going on, just haven't been updating too much. Happy being at home around my family. Which reminds me, I'm still floored by last night's finale to Six Feet Under. One of the best finales I've ever seen, and emotional too, especially when it makes one realize how important the people in your life can be to you. I'm still tearing up.

Still in rotation: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, whose show in Toronto is sold out, dagnab it. There are so many things in Toronto coming up, I could mover there and go out every night for at least a two-week stretch.

Been reading lots too, more to report on later. Enjoying the heck out of Paul Park's "A Princess of Roumania", a great new fantasy. Been digging the small press scene lots too. I'll be back with a list in the near future. Off to Toronto this Wednesday though (see!) for some gallery and Soulpepper goodness. More on the flip.


Blogger nandiel said...

ooo! did you make it out to pretty girls make graves? the band that opened for them is pretty neat, just wondering if you caught them as well. they're called IQU, and they have a theremin! wheeeeeeee!

9:07 AM  

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