Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ship comes in

So a whole slew of new music I've been waiting on has finally landed, and allows some playlist planning. To wit:

10/1: Beirut, The Fiery Furnaces, The Sadies
10/8: The Most Serene Republic, The Acorn, Electric Six
10/15: Stars, The New Pornographers, Kevin Drew
10/22: Plasticines, Lucky Soul, The Pipettes
10/29: Sea Wolf, Iron & Wine

As always, subject to change depending on what else happens to show up, come to town (or Toronto) etc. etc. Some good tunes up ahead though, and some other surprises as well.

New shows: I'm almost overwhelmed with the new TV season trying to sift thru and see what's a keeper and what we can give a pass to. Dirty Sexy Money is off to a romising start, all the Thursday night shows on NBC remain keepers (Heroes seems to be a little shaky but still worth sticking with). Reaper had a great pilot but I'm wondering how it will do week after week. Still haven't watched Chuck yet, though my stepson gives it a full seal of approval. Gossip Girl is easily the guiltiest pleasure of the season (much to my wife's chagrin). And I still have to finish watching several episodes of Mad Men, The Riches, and Tell Me You Love Me. New Dexter starts Sunday (yay!). Sigh, the trials of TV addiction....


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