Monday, March 30, 2009


Trying something new for the next few weeks: themes. So much music has come my way, I need to rip a page from the First Impressions book and play you all a whole bunch.

3/30: electronica, hip-hop
4/6: country, world
4/13: Canada
4/20: I'm going to see Neko!


Blogger Hannah said...

Everytime that I mention an artist that's Canadian, most of my friends don't believe me.

And where are you going to see Neko? She's playing at the Nokia Theater (I'm in NYC), but it's really expensive, and I'll be back up here for Easter.

I love your show, and listen online as often as I can, great work :]

2:55 PM  
Blogger Bob Scheffel said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Hannah. Neko's at the State Theater in Ithaca on April 20:

5:45 AM  

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