Thursday, March 30, 2006

let's give it a shot

Bother, a nasty fever/cold and only a few days to go until we hit Toronto for Neko Case. Hopefully the fabled Scheffel immune system will see fit to kick in and clear things up by then.
In the meantime, a stab at what's ahead in the next few weeks on SR (we're off next Monday):
4/9: See You On the Moon
4/16: Jon Auer, Head Like A Kite, the Knife
4/23: Islands, Sunset Rubdown
all subject to change of course, and in the hopper, new ones from TV On the Radio, Hot Chip, Gomez, the Charlatans, the Streets, any of which can be added on to the above.
Didn't get a chance to do it in a timely fashion, but the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs is a real grower. I have their Letterman appearance from last night on the old DVR but haven't gotten to it yet (and tonight: the Flaming Lips).
I always used to appreciate when my mother would say that a cold was nature's way of telling you to slow down. What with working almost every day of the week, running up to Buffalo to see a reading by Samuel Delany (excellent, btw, though he seemed a bit chagrined when I asked him to sign a few things), going to the Dryden this Saturday to see Kris Kristofferson, and trying to read several books simultaneously, not even mentioning all the stuff that needs to be done to the house for the spring (here at last, I think, yay!)...yeah, time to slow down a bit. Be nice to work on this blog more than a few times a month too.
Hopefully, a rundown of Neko next week and a better listing of discs to come.


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