Sunday, November 05, 2006

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Once again, little time to update, but a revised playlist presents itself:
11/6: Robyn Hitchcock, Shout Out Out Out Out, Klaxons
11/13: Tom Waits, Under Byen
11/20: Lullabye Arkestra, Noel Ellis, Lady Sovereign
11/27: The Harry Smith Project, Pere Ubu

The Quitters show at the Bug Jar was expectedly fun, though it felt strange to be out in a club setting after so long a time. Ah, the vagaries of aging. This week, Sheila and I hit the High Falls Film Festival, doing it up big time as we really didn't get a chance to go to too many movies last year. I'll try and report in the interim.

Is there anything cooler than the CBC Radio on a Saturday afternoon? Even though I catch bits and pieces of it during my workday while at my desk, I think I get more from an hour of Sook-Yin Lee's Definitely Not the Opera than a whole week of local radio. And it's even better when I take a trip over the border for a little shopping and cruise along to it. Again, the vagaries of aging: it used to be 102 the Edge as the car soundtrack but they haven't been half as exciting for a few years now.

More to come, hope everyone is having at least a halfway decent fall (though it seems like we went right into winter, doesn't it?).


Blogger Adrienne said...

I was just watching Tom Waits on Fishing with John last night. :)

I only got to see Deliver Us from Evil at the HFFF, which was strangely poorly attended. The film was well-done, but completely intense. It's a hard subject. I keep thinking that one of these years I'm going to go all-out and watch a lot of shows at High Falls or, better yet, the Toronto Film Festival....

4:12 PM  
Blogger Bob Scheffel said...

Sheila and I discussed the TIFF as well, but that would be a real committment, and expensive one at that. At least in our own backyard we don't have to pay for hotels...:)

6:46 AM  

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