Thursday, April 20, 2006

how about revised revised schedule?

5/1: Sunset Rubdown, Final Fantasy, Magneta Lane
5/8: Tres Chicas, Sonic Youth, Eleventh Dream Day
5/15: Gainsbourg tribute, Hot Chip, Yo La Tengo

Ready to change in a heartbeat, but it helps me to get a fix on what we have and what looks good together.
One of my wishes is that people will look at that week's playlist and say wow, look what I missed. Not likely happening, but it helps on my end. And I'm excited to be giving the new FF a spin; I thought the title might raise a few eyebrows, but the boss at the station says no problem.

No matter what people are saying, I still have a hankering to see this movie, since it seems to evoke (deliberately) Paris, Texas, which remains a favorite. Lots of good stuff coming to the Eastman House in the next two months as well. It never hurts to go check the calendar over there and give them some support.


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