Friday, April 28, 2006


5/8: Sonic Youth, Eleventh Dream Day, Yo La Tengo
5/15: Hot Chip, The Knife, Tres Chicas
5/22: Band of Horses, Liars, anything else we may have lying around to get done before vacation.

I'm afraid my jury is still kind of out on that Gainsbourg tribute CD, though for once I have to side with Pitchfork, which is a shame, because I waited for a while to snag it (the roster of artists is very impressive on "paper"). Do yourself a favor, though, if you ever have to find one of his very own and many compilations (HMV in Toronto is a good place to start), snag one; even if you can't understand French, they are still a gas to listen to.

PS: Another favorite author has a blog, available right here.


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