Monday, November 13, 2006


The High Falls Film Fest has ended, and my wife and I had a great time, but I think we exhausted ourselves: 11 films in 5 days. I don't think we've seen that many movies all year. Here, for the sake of posterity, is a list of what we did see:
Copying Beethoven (opening night), Ten Canoes (loved this one), Shoot the Messenger, The Treatment, A Coat of Snow, Children's shorts program, What Remains (the Sally Mann documentary), The Lives of Others (awesome, they're showing it again tonight as the Best of the Fest), Emily Hubley films (with soundtracks by Yo La Tengo!), The Cats of Mirikatani, and Lonesome (silent film with accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra, even Sheila was won over by this one). We even did some of the parties too. Loads of fun, but I'm not sure we'd choose a schedule like this again next year (of course, come next year, we'll be all refreshed and rarin' to go).

Quick playlist addition:
12/4: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jarvis Cocker, Comets on Fire
I thought I'd have Lady Sovereign in my hands by now, but not yet, so Comets may move up to next week.


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