Tuesday, December 18, 2007

quick links

If you were wondering more (and you should) about the Peace On Earth Xmas comp we played from last night, this link will get you there. Wonderful stuff.

Best of 2007 will be forthcoming. To see how daunting any undertaking of an overview can be, check out Largehearted Boy's ongoing list of album bests. It's been a great year, but keeping up has become a mighty task indeed, which is why I never like when the station refers to me as "critic". I merely try to Spotlight what's been floating my boat; heck, I haven't even heard the new Radiohead yet! (Though I suspect that's similar to what Carrie Brownstein has been feeling in her mandatory NPR blog)

For a refresher of what the boat floaters were at the midpoint, backtrack here. More soon come.


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