Tuesday, January 29, 2008

three-posts-in-three-days shocker!

--In my Neko post below, I neglected to mention the wonderful artist she has for her posters. We bought one from her back in Toronto in 2006 and got it signed by the artist, Neko, and Neko's dog(!); it hangs prominently in our living room. She (the artist)even remembered Sheila and I from then and signed this year's poster to us (Neko unfortunately didn't come out to sign). Behold the works of Judge!

--BTW, did anybody else catch Neko and Kelly on Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Sunday? Jaw-dropping.

--totally loving the new Destroyer CD; who'da thunk I would be such a Dan Bejar fan this late in the game? I think his Hello, Blue Roses project deserves much more love than its been getting as well.
Update:I stand slightly corrected.

--playlists firming up, should be some up by week's end. Lost on Thursday!


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