Sunday, March 30, 2008


--Via Zoilus: the NY Times reports on the discovery of the possible earliest sound recording, circa 1860, with the audio snippet included.

--Two of my favorite artists, Greil Marcus and Shannon McArdle, in a podcast from late last year from a NYC Barnes & Noble. Great to hear that McArdle will still be making music.

3/31: Sun Kil Moon, The Ruby Suns, Veda Hille
4/7: Updated: Kaki King, Plants and Animals, Devotchka
4/14: Woodhands, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Constantines

--For your homework, and to get a little taste of Veda before tomorrow, check out this beautiful concert recorded by CBC Radio 2 back in February that features some versions of new songs and a new choral piece she composed. Gorgeous stuff.


Blogger Lakeshore's said...

Yaaay! I love Kaki King!

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