Sunday, February 25, 2007


2/26: Sarah Shannon, Last Town Chorus, Trans Am (Exploding Star Orchestra is fine, but a little too out-of-genre for WBER)
3/5: Mary Margaret O'Hara, Michelle McAdorey
3/12: Captain, Low, Andrew Bird
3/19: Great Lake Swimmers, more to come

Saturday, February 17, 2007

le sigh

Sorry about the lack of updates, it's been a hellacious month. So many things I want to get down here, so little time (running my car into a snowbank with a hidden fire hydrant didn't help).
How about some updated forthcoming playlists:

2/19: Aerogramme, Apostle of Hustle, Do Make Say Think
2/26: Sarah Shannon, Exploding Star Orchestra, Last Town Chorus
3/5: Mary Margaret O'Hara, Michelle McAdorey (this is my 18th anniversary show, and I'm spotlighting a couple of wonderful and little-heard from Canadian vocalists)
3/12: Captain (a criminally ignored import from last year), Arbouretum, Low or Arcade Fire,
possibly Great Lake Swimmers

Now reading: Fast Forward 1, great new anthology from Lou Anders and Pyr. Any new Robert Charles Wilson story is reason enough to pick up (and check out his award-worthy novella, Julian, from PS Publishing). Got to get an account set up on Library Thing one of these days, but since I can barely update this thing....