Sunday, March 30, 2008


--Via Zoilus: the NY Times reports on the discovery of the possible earliest sound recording, circa 1860, with the audio snippet included.

--Two of my favorite artists, Greil Marcus and Shannon McArdle, in a podcast from late last year from a NYC Barnes & Noble. Great to hear that McArdle will still be making music.

3/31: Sun Kil Moon, The Ruby Suns, Veda Hille
4/7: Updated: Kaki King, Plants and Animals, Devotchka
4/14: Woodhands, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Constantines

--For your homework, and to get a little taste of Veda before tomorrow, check out this beautiful concert recorded by CBC Radio 2 back in February that features some versions of new songs and a new choral piece she composed. Gorgeous stuff.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March playlists

3/17: She & Him, Sons & Daughters, School of Language
3/24: Fleet Foxes, Fire On Fire, Retribution Gospel Choir
3/31: Veda Hille, Kate Maki, The Airfields

So no one called to complain during the anniversary show (except for one who thought that Kylie Minogue was a test track), which means that A.) it was less avant garde than I thought; B.) people actually do like a mix of African highlife and Sleater-Kinney; C.) no one was actually listening. Still have to wonder if my little show has any place in this 2.0 world, though I have to wonder in its original incarnation nearly two decades ago if it didn't prefigure today's podcasts. Onward...

Friday, March 07, 2008

Nininininininininin Nineteen

Just popping in for a reminder that this Monday is the Review's Nineteenth Anniversary, which amazes me as much as anybody. The show, whose playlist I will not post yet, could be either the greatest in the show's history or should have the phone ringing with pissed-off listeners; I've long stopped trying to second-guess. Should be fun!

Updated playlists next week. Supposed to do a Canadian trip this weekend, but this winter has been quite the one for stymieing me at every turn--every time I plan a trip north the weather has failed to cooperate. Need my Canada fix soon, to be sure.

BTW, is Lost not having a run of really ultra-cool episodes? I love how everything is finally starting to gel, as we patient viewers who did not give up are being rewarded. For even more ultra-coolness, try Lostpedia, which puts the show in an HTML format you always knew it had. Even has whisper transcripts!

Believe it or not, I'm very excited to see this.

You may be surprised to hear that this is excellent too. I'll be reviewing it week after next.

Stay warm...