Sunday, February 17, 2008

lower-case updates

2/18: Liam Finn, Apes, Company, Tiger Cried Beef
2/25: Hercules & Love Affair, Black Mountain, Lightning Dust
3/3: Nick Lowe, Destroyer, The Black Hollies
3/10: 19th Anniversary show!

--Sheila and I went to the member's opening last night at the Eastman House for the new exhbit for Canadian photographer Larry Towell that is simply superb on so many levels. For you Rochester folks (and some that aren't) this is one more example on why we are so blessed to have the GEH as part of our community. You can check out a bit more on it here and here.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

February playlists

2/4: Apostle of Hustle, At the Barricades, Antietam!
2/11: Drive-By Truckers, Los Campesinos, Laura Barrett
2/18: Company, Tiger Cried Beef, The Black Hollies
2/25: Fire On Fire, Black Mountain, Lightning Dust
3/4: Destroyer
3/11: 19th Anniversary Show!

Additions, changes forthcoming.