Wednesday, March 28, 2007

the (tentative) playlists for April

Several people have asked how I come up with the stuff on the show, not unlike somebody asking Margaret Atwood at the UofR last Monday the inevitable question of "where do you get your ideas". (The best answer remains Harlan Ellison's, who usually replies "Poughkeepsie".)
There really is no set way of doing it, other than what comes over the metaphoric transom, who might be playing a show soon (usually in Toronto), or whatever the boss decides to leave. I tend to ask for stuff that has some buzz and won't get larger airplay, and, in the case of my recent Toronto trip, seek out labels who I actively watch for great stuff from. I also have a friendly rivalry with Jeff of First Impressions to try and play stuff way ahead of him (I doubt he knows this!). It then all gets sorted and moved around for a few weeks depending on whatever factors, and the show itself takes up to about two hours of prep time (not counting listening to the damn things!).

But you know what? I'm having a pretty good time right now with it, even after 18 years (I'm still aiming for twenty). But there's almost too much stuff out there right now, and way too many ways to listen to it, and still have time for my myriad guilty pleasures and what-not. So time will tell, though after visiting the labels up in TO like the great Arts & Crafts or Paper Bag, it looks like the ride will be continuing for a bit.

So with further ado: April's playlists:
4/2: You Say Party! We Say Die!, ADULT., Young Galaxy
4/9: Stars, Junior Boys, Rosie Thomas
4/16: The Moaners, Pink Nasty, Aqualung
4/23: The Acorn, Feist, Kathy Diamond
and in the hopper: Captain, Bat for Lashes, Lou Rhodes (all imports from last year that slipped under the domestic radar and are worthy of showcasing).

I know that the lists are Canada-centric, but that is how the show and my tastes have evolved, and there's no questioning there is some amazing stuff flowing out of the north. We're all close enough to have some affinity and access to it at this point anyway.

More to come. Great to see the sun shining once again....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So much music, so little time

Looks like the malaise of February is finally dissipating, as Spring seems to be slowly creeping in. So maybe I can get moving on maintaining things a bit better here.

For now though, only next week's playlist, which is:
3/19: Sister Vanilla, Great Lake Swimmers, Klaxons
Update: 4/2: Captain, Lou Rhodes, Bat for Lashes

I'll be off on March 26, because I'm going to this, even though I've seen her several times before. Gotta love the Atwood.

I feel like I should be apologizing because I love the new Arcade Fire CD so much, but it's stuck in my head like so many earworms. Why is everyone complaining that it sounds too big? What's wrong with too big? And to think I could have seen them in the Bug Jar around the time that Funeral came out. Now they sell out Massey Hall in five minutes.

Hey, my favorite music blog put me on his link list, I've recommended his mixtapes before, and he should have one coming toot sweet. Go check him out, better than any podcast, I do say.

Here's to a relaxing month (and a Toronto trip in ten days). More to come.