Tuesday, May 30, 2006


A quick post: back from a superb vacation at the Stratford Festival with Sheila; if you have a chance to go see their production of Coriolanus with the great Colm Feore, it is top-notch theatre and deserves your support.

This week, the WBER marathon begins and deserves your support as well, check out details on the homepage. If they reach the goal, I should be on next week, with the following:
6/5: Tilly & the Wall, Zero 7, The Fever
If the marathon has to keep going, we'll be back 6/12. Haven't figured out the rest of the month yet, but plenty of goodness ahead.

One last link for ya, and how cool is this: Patti Smith & Kevin Shields live!

Monday, May 15, 2006


It's my one hundreth post since I started this thing, so I thought I'd celebrate by posting this pic of my family in front of the Ontario Science Centre, taken by my friends Michelle and Cameron. Hi to everybody out there who checks in, I hope for more updates soonish.

Tonight's show has some Rainer Maria in it, as they are hitting the Bug Jar this week, though I'm not sure if I'm making it or not. We've got some Hot Chip and Tres Chicas as well. Jason Molina from Magnolia Electric is at the Jar Saturday nite too, but I think I'm gonna check out Don McKellar at the Eastman House and maybe get a chance to ask him when the Twitch City CD is finally coming out.

Next week's playlist: Band of Horses, Liars, Tokyo Police Club (awesome debut EP), maybe the Pipettes. Got stuff from the new Walkmen, Primal Scream, Zero 7, all on the backburner as well, along with some other stuff the boss gave me.

Hope to get in a post before some vacation time.